Lab line

Extrusion Equipment

Extrufood not only manufactures a range of production extruders, but also produces a lab sized cooking and forming extruder. These extruders are ideal for testing new recipes for the development of new products. Both Extrufood lab extruders are scaled-down versions of our production extruders. Products and recipes extruded on either will be indistinguishable.

Using an Extrufood lab extruder as part of your R&D department will give you all the flexibility and possibilities needed to improve both existing as well as new recipes and products, without loss of any production capacity on your production lines.
The low capacity of up to 15 kg/hr for the lab cooking extruder and up to 50 kg/hr for the lab forming extruder, allows you to work with small batches and saves large amounts of slurry for testing. Due to the relatively low volume of material, this method enables you to perform many tests in one run.

Other Products & Solutions
Apart from a leading presence in both the confectionery and pet snack industry, our experienced R&D department distinguishes us even further. This enables us to be a flexible organization and provides our clients with the needed support during the testing or production of new products. Our focus on customized solutions and wide array of specialised machinery, offers the following services:

  • Production of new, unique products
  • Maximize your production capacity
  • Maximize your production efficiency
  • Minimize your production costs

Lastly, we can also provide you with a lab extruder, in order for you to develop and test new products.