Extrusion Equipment

The unique Extrufood Diemix® enables the production of licorice and fruit gum with up to 6 different colors and flavors while using only one extruder. The mass coming from the extruder is split by the Diemix® and is diverted into individual, equal streams. Next, Color and flavor is added to each individual flow, which then passes through a dynamic mixing stage, assuring a homogeneous mix of each flow. A dosing skid can be fitted to the Diemix® to ensure accurate dosage of each color and flavor.

The Diemix® has a compact design and can be adapted to many different mass types. An additional benefit is its accessibility for easy maintenance. Typically, the Diemix® will fit into existing production systems with minimal required modification. In addition, A Diemix® can be fitted onto all Extrufood extruder types. This means that with co-extrusion it is possible to make 6 single colored products (licorice) on one cooking extruder with a single Diemix®. Combined with different colored fillings (sugar paste) coming from one forming extruder with a Diemix®, the possibilities of even one production run are practically endless.