Extruplast and the Plastic Industry

Our wealth of knowledge and experience in all things related to extrusion can be traced back, some thirty years ago, to the plastic industry where Extruplast was first founded. To this day, our deep understanding of production processes and general expertise are integral elements of our design and engineering philosophy.

This constantly developing philosophy as well as our state of the art machinery, has resulted in the fact that Extruplast has supplied a large number of single screw plastic extrusion machines for PE, PP, and HDPE, in capacities ranging from 100 up to 2.400 kg/hr. Additionally, Barriers, mixers and screw types are optimized and customised by constantly applying our experience and R&D resources. Lastly, Extruplast supplies complete production lines as well as separate components.

Extruders for the Plastic Industry

Extruplast is an expert in all things related to extrusion in the plastic industry. Extrusion is the foundation for continuous production for many different applications. Extruplast produces many different types of the highest quality extruders which are all customised to meet the exact specifications your company and product demands.

Dies for the Plastic Industry

Extruplast excels in manufacturing dies for the plastic industry. The Extruplast dies enable production with unparalleled possibilities for shapes and textures.

Weld seam applicator

The weld seam applicator enables a well known pipe coating method where extruded polyethylene or polypropylene is used to coat the pipe in order to provide weight or anti-corrosion properties to the pipeline. It is generally assumed that a coating with extruded polyethylene results in a uniform thickness, circumferentially and longitudinally applied over the pipe body.

This seems to be a reasonable assumption, considering that three main factors governing the thickness of the application are mechanically controlled and should therefore remain constant. Theoretically the waste percentage of applied polyethylene should be very close to zero, however experience shows that it can depend greatly on the degree of conveyer accuracy and the pipe weld seam.The thickness of the coating on the weld seam, as opposed to a point perpendicular to the seam, will most certainly vary; the lowest measurement will be found on the weld. The degree of difference between the two measurements depends primarily on the height and width of the weld.

To tackle this problem, techniques have been developed which vary the flow of material onto the pipe, increasing the flow as the weld passes the extruder head and subsequently decreases the output on the pipe body. Extruplast is capable of solving any and all potential problems regarding weld seams, with their new WSA.

It is clean, leak free, accurate, and has a very precise stroke adjustment; the timing of which is very easy to adjust.

Lastly, the state of the art Weld Seam Detection System works with two lasers, where commonly only one is used.


The lifespan of screws and barrels can be extended if they are checked and measured as part of your preventative maintenance program. Worn-out screws or barrels can be a crucial factor in production loss. Re-welding existing screws or relining existing barrels are economical ways of extending their lifespan, rather than replacing them with new barrels. The lifespan of a screw depends on backpressure; Wear in cylinders is common, and use of abrasive additives in the plastic can also cause premature wear of the barrel and screw.

We can reline barrels, whether they are simply hardened or bi-metal. It is possible to re-use a worn-out cylinder by honing it and matching it with a new, oversized screw.

  • Possible overhauling applications are:
  • Screw cleaning
  • Screw dechroming/ chroming
  • Re-welding screws
  • Overhauling screw drives
  • Polishing screws
  • Straightening screws
  • Relining barrels
  • Grinding screw cores
  • Installing screen changers
  • Renewing coatings on screw points

Extruplast is highly experienced in plastic extrusion; we can supply you with answers to all extrusion related questions, whether they concern overhauling, complete new extruders, or complete production lines.